As a building, Swing is both smart and pleasant. We have invested in services to make your working day as hassle-free and seamless as possible.

At Swing you’ll find everything you need, from a modern office solution to a lobby service and from cleaning to maintenance.

What’s more, Swing offers experiences in the form of a canteen and hotel, as well as in the form of wellbeing and exercise services.

Swing services

  • Office services and postage

  • Lobby services and access control

  • Parking and cycle park

  • Cleaning and maintenance

  • Storage spaces and archiving services

  • Wellbeing and exercise services

  • Canteen services

  • Conference, training and multifunctional spaces

  • Hotel (from 2020)

Services in the area

Grocery shop
Sport / recreation
Bus stop
Raidejokeri tram
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pohjapiirrokset sekä kohteen kuvamateriaalin.

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