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Cycling is popular – supporting sustainable exercise in the workplace

Swing House is a new development in Keilaniemi that is built focusing on the wellbeing of both the environment and the wellbeing of its users. Cyclists, for example, have their own entrance.

According to annual statistics from the City of Espoo, the number of active cyclists increased substantially in 2020: at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the growth was rapid, first at 20–40%, increasing to 80% in May. Towards the end of the year – between September and November – there were 40–80% more cyclists on the roads than normal, depending on the day. The popularity of cycling to work is expected to increase further, as, from the beginning of this year, employers may provide bicycles as a tax-free fringe benefit up to the value of EUR 1,200. This incentive is part of the Government’s campaign to reduce emissions from transport and to increase cycling by 30% by 2030.

In the future, there will be increasing focus on sustainable modes of mobility in Keilaniemi: public transport, walking and cycling. This aspect had been a consideration in Swing House, where cyclists will have their own separate entrance: a ramp will lead directly from the cycling lane to the heated bicycle park, from where there is a quick access to shower facilities and the offices.

“Safe access to the property, a bicycle park complete with charger points for e-bikes and well-appointed shower and changing rooms in the basement have been designed for all commuter cyclists. Sustainable commuting is also supported by the proximity of the Jokeri light rail and metro, car sharing and e-charging stations,” says Antti Pyötsiä, project manager for the developer Elo.

Read more about the facilities at Swing House.
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