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A work environment that produces wellbeing

The large green wall is the heart and lungs of the building. This vertical forest, which is connected to the central staircase, reaches up to the seventh floor. It is an aesthetic experience that also offers many benefits: in addition to plants that purify the indoor air, various herbs used by the restaurant also grow on the wall, and watering is taken care of by the property’s rainwater system.

Every floor has a personalised, calming soundscape that is designed to invite people to use the stairs. The lighting of the central staircase imitates the circadian rhythm and changes from bright white to warm yellow as the day progresses, helping to maintain alertness during the long, dark winter. There is a separate entrance for cyclists that offers a safe passage to the property, as well as top-class shower and changing rooms.

WELL™ is the first international quality standard for buildings that focuses on evaluating the wellbeing generated by a building. The standard is based on the measurement of ten areas that affect wellbeing. For example, natural light, air quality, movement, materials and acoustics are assessed with hundreds of indicators. The certificate is issued by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI™).

Swing House is applying for the international WELL v2™ Gold level quality of building. The 10 concepts of the WELLv2™ certificate are:

  • Air: high-quality indoor air

  • Water: pure drinking water and sparing use of water

  • Nourishment: healthy, nutritious food

  • Light: high-quality, functional lighting and the use of natural light

  • Movement: encouragement of physical activity

  • Thermal comfort: agreeable and steady temperature

  • Sound: pleasant acoustics and sound environment

  • Materials: safe materials that promote healthy indoor air

  • Mind: spatial solutions that support wellbeing

  • Community: spatial solutions that encourage collaboration

Nature, movement and community

Studies show that people benefit from being close to nature. In the common areas of Swing House, nature has a strong presence: the lush lobby and seven-story green wall provide a harmonious, calming atmosphere.

Movement is also one of the WELL concepts. At Swing House, movement is encouraged in various ways, with the inviting, open staircase next to the green wall and its invigorating soundscape, not to mention attractive fitness & wellbeing facilities, for example. Swing House is located near the sea and green connections – you can easily take a walk along the shore to clear your thoughts or ride your bike to an important meeting.

The social dimension of work has also been focused on at Swing House, where comfortable common areas encourage encounters. Knowledge work needs to be balanced with brainstorming, healthy lunches in good company and breaks with colleagues. When employees enjoy their work, their health is better, which in turn improves productivity.

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Wellbeing at work is an investment in the future

Offices that support a balanced daily life and recovery from work provide an important advantage for employers: the best talents seek employers that can offer a full and positive employee experience. This includes a well-functioning work environment that serves not only efficient work but also relaxation and wellbeing.

High-quality indoor air, pleasant materials, natural light, movement and greenery are the drivers of the high standards of the WELLv2™ certified Swing House. For companies, taking care of the mental and physical wellbeing of employees is an investment in the future!

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