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Healthy indoor air improves efficiency

We breathe more than 10,000 litres of air every day, so the quality of indoor air at the office really matters. The indoor air quality at Swing House is guaranteed with healthy design solutions and constant monitoring.

Swing House is part of a business campus comprising two office buildings and a hotel where the health, wellbeing and comfort of its users have been taken into consideration in a completely new way. Swing House is applying for the international WELL v2™ Gold level quality of building, which is why special attention is paid to the high quality of indoor air.

At Swing House, the indoor air quality is guaranteed through design solutions and constant monitoring. For example, the seven-storey high green wall by the central staircase is not only an aesthetic feature: the plants also effectively purify the air.

The quality of indoor air is carefully monitored with sensors measuring the levels of carbon dioxide and small particles in the air, as well as air temperature and humidity. Data is also collected from the users themselves, and their feedback will be reacted to rapidly.

“Real-time monitoring enables us to proactively manage the quality of the indoor air. As a responsible property owner, we want to offer healthy, safe and comfortable premises to companies to support the satisfaction and efficiency of its users,” says Antti Pyötsiä, Project Manager for Elo.

Do you want to work in an environment where the indoor air quality is guaranteed through constant monitoring?

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