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Swing House on WELL-sertifioitu kiinteistö

Wellbeing is an investment worth making

The environmental impact and energy efficiency of buildings – as well as the standards measuring them – have been an important topic for some time. Now, however, the focus is shifting towards the users of buildings. Business premises play an important role in employees’ wellbeing and working capacity, and this can be measured with the WELL certificate. 

The purpose of the WELL certificate is to improve the health, comfort and thus the performance of a property’s users. The wellbeing produced by a building is evaluated using several criteria, including air, water, light, mind, nutrition, health and comfort. 

Modern business premises are part of an employer’s brand and provide a strong competitive advantage when attracting the best talent. Employee satisfaction has a direct impact on health and, consequently, on the productivity of work. 

“As a responsible property owner, we want to offer healthy, safe and comfortable premises to companies. This is why we are building Swing House in Espoo’s Keilaniemi, to be completed next year, and will apply for WELL v2™ Gold certification,” says Antti Pyötsiä, Head of Projects at Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company. 

What is a human-friendly work environment?

At Swing House, the premises are highly modifiable, and special attention is also given to the quality of indoor air. Adjusted according to the circadian rhythm, the lighting helps sustain optimal alertness. The restaurant offers quality on a daily basis while encouraging healthy eating habits and providing vegetarian alternatives. The interior is pleasant and comfortable, and the seven-story green wall and the open staircase in the lobby are eye-catching features. 

“The work environment is not confined to just the office, as all common spaces at Swing House are available for use and provide variation during the working day,” says Merja Rikkonen, Senior Leasing Manager at Newsec. 

“Keilaniemi’s excellent connections and the on-site hotel bring vibrance to the building around the clock.”