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A unique spatial experience

Swing House features authentic materials, lush greenery and humane design solutions that create a unique spatial experience for the user.

At Swing House, Otaniemi’s 1950s red brick industrial architecture designed by Alvar Aalto meets the shiny new head-office buildings and futuristic high-rises of Keilaniemi. Captivating contrasts, carefully selected materials and design solutions that support wellbeing make Swing House a five-star office environment that meets all WELL criteria.

High-quality materials and architecture utilising natural light play a key role in creating a superior working environment. Proximity to the area’s natural environment, generous use of greenery and a welcoming courtyard are all part of the unique appeal of Swing House.

“Uniquely patterned graphic concrete, weathered Corten steel, high-quality wood and tile floors and large windows lend Swing House a modern, stylish look that has the feel of an historic industrial milieu. The comfort and wellbeing of the users were central to the design of the building every step of the way,” says Elina Törmänen, Interior Architect at L Architects.

Tenants in the property will also love the seven-storey high green wall growing fresh herbs, the soothing soundscape of the common areas and lighting that follows the natural circadian rhythm. During the long and dark winter, lighting has a major impact on our mood and vitality. The central staircase at Swing House is lit by bright and invigorating lighting that wakes up the senses to a new day. Towards the afternoon, the tone of the light turns warmer, emulating the natural cycle of daylight.

Hear the interior designer Elina Törmänen tell more about the design choices at Swing House:

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