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A healthy work environment is the new normal

What will the post-coronavirus world look like and what requirements will be placed on business premises to allow us to return to work safely?

The exceptional situation of 2020 has forced people to learn to work from home, provided their job description allows it. Countless articles have already been written about the experience of working from home, both for and against. It seems to suit some people while others suffer from the lack of human contact and interaction. Many things can look more black and white when they are written down instead of being discussed face-to-face, causing unnecessary misunderstanding.

The new normal for office premises

Can we find happiness between the two worlds? Would you like a safe work environment that combines the best aspects of the office and remote working – premises where you can work in peace and quiet and yet be close to your colleagues? Office work brings routines that help you to schedule your work and keep work and home life apart.

In the future, an office may increasingly be a meeting place where you only go when you need to. A place where fewer people have their own workstations. Instead, what offices will have is a sufficient number of spaces that can be adapted to different uses. Even if more and more decide to shift the remote working, offices may have to retain their floor area for safety requirements.

The WELL certificate shows the way

Offices that support a balanced daily life and recovery from work provide an important advantage for employers: the best talents seek employers that can offer a full and positive employee experience. This includes a well-functioning work environment that serves not only efficient work but also relaxation and wellbeing.

The WELL v2™ certification is the first international quality certificate for buildings based on the measurement of ten areas that affect wellbeing. High-quality indoor air, pleasant materials, natural light, movement and greenery are the drivers of Swing House’s high standards. For companies, taking care of the mental and physical wellbeing of employees is an investment in the future!