The Swing I (2012) and Swing II (2019) office space have been created to adapt to a variety of business needs and meet their requirements, today and in the future.

The wide variety of space solutions in use in the buildings mean that the space can change with your business. Come and check out all that Swing has to offer and find an efficient, inspirational and pleasant working environment for your company.

The soul of the building is an open staircase and the two-floor space around it which rotates around the building, creating a unique working environment, offering unbroken views and plenty of natural light.
The digital wall inspires people and unites floors through a single theme
The open staircase makes the whole space feel more open and encourages people to take exercise while moving around the building
The upper level of a two-storey office offers plenty of calm office and working space
Use the lower of two levels for a reception desk, lounge or a conference room in which to receive clients

Examples of spaces

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Esitteestä löydät kuvauksen kohteesta,
pohjapiirrokset sekä kohteen kuvamateriaalin.

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