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Swing offers to your company modern yet homey office spaces in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

The spaces have been designed to adapt to different needs of your company. You can personalise your office spaces in order to match them with your company culture, brand and ways of working.


When building was designed a special emphasis was put on solutions that support people’s well being at work.

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An office and hotel under one roof

Our attractively decorated office building is the perfect choice for corporate hospitality. Our meeting rooms can be adapted to small or large groups, or even to a mini-seminar. The hotel, ready in 2020, will be able to look after your guests’ accommodation needs.

Superbly connected

Swing is just a few minutes’ walk from the metro and busses. In addition, it’s easily accessible for drivers and cyclists. The facility offers over 300 parking spaces and a bicycle park.

Swing is at the heart of innovations, in a hub of start-ups and international business. We’re just next door to Europe and Asia’s largest concentration of start-ups. What’s more, we’re part of the Espoo Innovation Garden.

Smart space solutions

In Swing, it’s possible to have up to 1,700 m2 of space on the same level. You can also increase your space upwards.

Connect two floors and give your company its own staircase and upper storey. You can devote the upper level to quiet work and calm corners. Use the lower level for a reception desk, lounge or a conference room in which to receive clients.

Multifunctional spaces and gym

How does a lunch workout in the gym, an after-work yoga lesson or some pullups in the corridor sound? Do some yoga, work out, or relax during your working day.

The building’s multifunctional spaces and built-in solutions to support well-being will encourage you to exercise and have more active working days.

The open staircase creates a sence of space

It’s a scientifically established fact that people use stairs 70% more when they are in a visible location in a building. When you see stairs all the time, you take useful exercise without realising it.

And when there are no unnecessary blocking walls, you can enjoy natural light all day. In an open space, you’re at the heart of the action, seeing and hearing life around you. Walls don’t box you in. An open space encourages you to look at things from fresh perspectives.

Work in different zones

Stay active during the day and move from one workspace to another. At Swing, in addition to your own workstation, you have the building’s shared spaces and range of meeting rooms at your disposal.

Our spaces are full of natural light, which boosts people’s health, and you can choose a traditional meeting table, one of our exercise-enhancing workshop spaces, or just relax on a sofa.

At Swing, each break room is uniquely decorated and is a common space for all Swing users to meet new people and exchange the latest news.

A building that serves intelligently

The lighting adapts to the needs of use, and information about guests, reservations, usage and parking spaces is always at your disposal.

The floor-to-ceiling digital wall tells you about the building users’ energy levels and encourages you to take breaks.


Food for body and mind

Swing offers wellbeing for the whole person. Start your day with a filling breakfast, or invite a client over for a lunch meeting. The atmosphere in our canteen won’t disappoint. The Swing canteen menu is designed to support your wellbeing and keep your energy levels steady all day long. In the evenings, the canteen serves after-work style food and drink.


Miestentie 5-9
02150 Espoo

Swing I
5.350 m² / 8 floors
completed in 2012

Swing II
6.575 m² / 7 floors
be completed in Q4/2019

7.800 m²
estimated completion date 2020

Over 300 parking space, with about 1 space / 50 m² of office space


Swing has superb transport connections, located at the intersection of Keilaniemi and Otaniemi. The metro and cross-city bus stops are just a few minutes’ walk away.

In addition, the building is easily accessible for drivers and cyclists. There’s plenty of parking on site.


Visitor parking is available in the yard on the Miestentie side.

Pedestrian and cycle access to Swing is either via the path from Karhusaarentie or along Miestentie.


Transport links

  • Keilaniemi metro station
  • 400m
  • Cross-city lines: bus 550
  • 100m
  • Raidejokeri tram (from 2023)
  • 200m
  • Buses from Helsinki and Espoo
  • 100m
  • By car to Helsinki city centre
  • 8 km / about 11 mins.
  • By car to Helsinki-Vantaa airport
  • 25km / about 25 mins.
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